Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2020/21 School Year!

I am truly excited and looking forward to this year! A school without students feels hollow and empty, and I am delighted and grateful that students have returned. At the risk of repeating the “u” word, the last several months have truly been “unprecedented”, and we all had to make drastic changes to how we work, live and interact with others.

Even though every school year starts, this start is not like every year. There are new ways to enter the school, recess is staggered, dismissal requires prompt departure, not staying and playing in the parks. There are directional signs on the floor and people are allowed in the school by appointment only. Assemblies or presentations are prohibited at this time. 

On a personal note, thank-you for the warm welcome!  I have had the opportunity to meet several students and families and the entire staff. I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead of us and the hope of amazing learning to come. Best of all, we get to start the new year together, embracing the hopefulness and joy that brings. Whether we live in unprecedented times or not, a new year is a fresh start, a new beginning that invigorates.

Best wishes for a happy and successful year of Teaching and Learning!

Sven Danzinger