School History


Mills Haven School was named after the Mills family who came to this area from Toronto in 1898. Mr. N.D Mills set up a law firm named Mills and Downes. Mr. Mills was also very active in the community of Strathcona (now SouthEdmonton). He served on town council in 1907, he reserved Riverside Park (which later became Queen Elizabeth Park) and introduced golf to the town of Strathcona.

Mills Haven School was built in 1971. When the school opened, the building was not ready and staff shared accommodations with Campbelltown School. The school opened on October 12th 1971 with the official opening being recognized on Tuesday, May 30, 1972.

Mr. Ron Mundell was the first principal at the school. The enrollment was 271 students and 13 teachers. By Christmas of that year the school had grown to 360. In the 1978-79 school year there were 690 students, 34 full time teachers and a support staff of 10.

It was in 1981 that Mills Haven School began the German Bilingual Program. Mr. E. Kostyshen was the principal and the first teacher for the program was Mr. S. Kawerau. Mr. Kawerau only taught for one year and continued on at the school as a volunteer until his death in 2003. The next year, in 1982, Mrs. S. Ingster was the German teacher. Today the German Program continues to thrive for students in Kindergarten through grade six and is actively involved in many German cultural pursuits.

In 1993 Mr. M. Kroetsch became the principal. By 2003 Mills Haven's staff had increased to 28 Certificated Staff members and 8 Support Staff.

Mr. D. Kachurowski became Mills Haven's 4th principal in 2002.

In September 2007 Ms. G. Knox joined the Mills Haven staff as principal and Mr. Harvey came to Mills Haven as the Principal for the 2009-2010 school year.

Mrs. K. Schindeler, former student of Mills Haven School, became the Principal during the 2010-2011 school year. she appreciated the hard work and heritage the previous principals left.  In 2011 Mills Haven School celebrated 40 years of service to students in the community.  The same year, the German Bilingual Association of Sherwood Park celebrated 30 years of the German program at Mills Haven School. Many previous staff members and students visited the celebration that boasted 'standing room only' to a packed gymnasium.

Mr. G. Russell became the Principal during the 2017-2018 school year. During this time, Mills Haven went through several changes. The German Language and Culture program was incorporated as an option for students. Courtyard and Library were renovated along with the addition of two new portables to accommodate an increase in the student population. Pictures and words were added to the walls going to the portables to recognizes First Nations Seven Teachings. MHV welcomed the addition of the district Social Emotional and Academic program and also, during the 2017-2018 school year, the PALS program was moved to Pine Street School.

Mr. S. Danzinger became Mills Haven's 9th principal in 2020.

Mills Haven School is home to 423 students as well as 21 teachers and 12 support staff.  Together, along with parents and our community, we make Mills Haven "A Great Place to Be"!