Land and People Acknowledgement

We acknowledge with respect the history and culture of the peoples with whom Treaty 6 was signed and the land upon which Elk Island Public Schools reside. We also acknowledge the traditional homeland of the Métis Nation.

We recognize our responsibility as Treaty members and honor the heritage and gifts of the First Peoples.

We commit to moving forward in partnership with Indigenous communities in a spirit of collaboration and reconciliation. Click here to learn more.

Character Education and the Seven Teachings at Mills Haven

This year our school will be focusing on Character Education through an Indigenous lens. Our students will be using the Seven Teachings to practice important traits such as Respect, Courage, Wisdom, Humility, Honesty, Love and Truth. These teachings are of great importance and are taught in many different Indigenous cultures, and we can find ways to practice these traits in all aspects of our lives.


January and February Character Trait: Love

Always act with love. Love yourself, your family, and your fellow human beings.

In the Seven Teachings, we can learn about Love from the Eagle.

Why the Eagle?

  • The Eagle flies closest to the Creator. It is respected and loved by many First Nations cultures. 
  • In many First Nations cultures, when one receives an Eagle feather that person is being acknowledged with gratitude, with love, and with ultimate respect

Did you know there are many kids in Canada that don't have access to clean water, appropriate housing or viable school resources in their home community? Many of these kids live on First Nations reserves that are supported by the  government. These resources are the government's responsibility to provide to people, however they have failed to do so. In turn, families must either give up their land and leave their home, or stay and live without the basic resources we all take for granted.

During the week of February 14th, Mills Haven will be completing another whole school project. We will be participating in Have a Heart for First Nations Kids Day. On this day, people across Canada write Valentines to their Member of Parliament, advocating for fair resources and access to basic needs for Indigenous kids in our country. 

For more information, please see to find out how you can help make a difference!

How can you practice Love at home, school, and in your community? Look for ways and report back to your teacher so we can continue to make Mills Haven A Great Place to Be!


Check out our news release about our awesome food drive! We collected over 1200 lbs of food from our Mills Haven Community. Wow, way to go Mills Haven!


*Thank you to Mrs. Richard at Westboro school for her help with this project.