The MHL- Mills Haven Hockey League

The MHL- Mills Haven Hockey League is a treasured winter past time at our school. Grade 5 and 6 students are divided into teams and participate in a round robin floor hockey tournament competing for the fabulous Kachurowski Cup (named after a former principal of Mills Haven).  The competition is fierce and always fun!

Robotics Club

The Robotics lunch-hour Club at Mills Haven has been running since 2010 and has grabbed the attention of students in grades 4 or 5 who are interested in experimenting with technology, problem solving, working as a team or exploring something new at lunch hour. Students who choose to participate in this club use the Lego Mindstorms NXT kits, which are on loan for one month from Elk Island’s Partners for Science department.

Building and programming the robotics is exciting AND there are many educational benefits. Through this club the students collaborate, take on leadership roles, problem solve, and learn to communicate effectively. The majority of learning occurs through trial and error  and brainstorming with peers. For students whose first language is  not English or who struggle with reading and writing, the Lego Robotics kits are international, with only pictures and symbols for instructions.


Track & Field Day

After practicing their Track and Field skills in class the students take to the field in May to participate in the Mills Haven Track and Field Day. Kindergarten to grade 3 students participate in activities such as ball throw, high jump and sack races and culminate the day with Tug-o-Rope. The grade 4 to 6 students participate in many traditional track and field activities such as long jump, shot put and high jump as well as some original events- skipping race and slalom. The pinnacle of the day though are the team relays. Students are divided into their team colours and cheer on thier runners from the hill. The excitement is always a great finish to Track and Field Day.

Summer Carnival

After a long year of teaching and learning everyone looks forward to the Summer Carnival in June. The themed day begins with a King and Queen contest for Grade 6 students in the morning. Students develop their costumes based on the theme, submit their write ups and "display" their persona for the school and a panel of teacher judges chooses a King and a Queen. Some previous years themes were Greasy Fun for Everyone and Pirates. At lunch time students participate in a Teddy Bear Picnic with their parents and friends out on the lawn of the school. It is fun to see children and parents picnicking together. As the lunch hour ends the excitement really builds. Immediately following lunch, students are let loose to play the Carnival Games that have been set up around the school yard.