2018-2019 School Education Plan

Please click here to see the 2018 - 2019 School Education Plan and Report. In this document you will find strategies that we will use to achieve the following goals as well as the measures we use to ensure we meet the goals.

GOAL 1: Promote numeracy growth and understanding to improve engagement and achievement for all
students. (EIPS Priority 1, Goal 2)

GOAL 2: Develop a comprehensive writing and reading framework throughout all grade levels to ensure all
students are successful. (EIPS Priority 1, Goal 2; EIPS Priority 3, Goal 1)

GOAL 3: Build school citizenship through the use of The Seven Teachings, character and indigenous education
traits. Promote local community connectedness and student citizenship by developing positive social values
and act upon those values responsibly. (EIPS Priority 1, Goal 1; EIPS Priority 2, Goal 1; EIPS Priority 3, Goal 2)