SEAS Program

Social, Emotional, and Academic Success (SEAS) Program is a division program hosted at Mills Haven Elementary. This system program is designed to meet the needs of students in grades 4 - 6 with complex issues, including severe emotional/behavioural disorders, and related learning difficulties. 

Students in the SEAS Program are supported through a safe and structured classroom environment with predictable and clearly articulated routines, procedures and expectations. 

  • This program operates through a ‘trauma-informed’ lens with a strong emphasis on social-emotional development.
  • The goal of this program is to help students develop self-regulation skills and strategies that will enable them to respond more appropriately to social situations across a variety of settings.
  • There is a strong focus on literacy and numeracy along with problem-solving skills, and social skill development. 
  • Students are placed in smaller classes with a higher adult to student ratio for more targeted instruction. 
  • There may be opportunity for students to join general classrooms in their area of strength. 
  • Flexible and responsive instruction is guided by an Instructional Support Plan (ISP) and behavior support plan, builds on individual strengths and needs, and follows the Alberta Education Programs of Study, with adaptations as necessary. 
  • There is a process for the school team who has referred the student to stay connected to the student, visit the program and build their school’s capacity to work with the student once they’ve returned to their home school.
  • Parental engagement with the school-based student support team and community resources on an ongoing basis is integral to providing wrap around support services to address the emotional-behavioral concerns of each student. 

The SEAS Program is for the student who:

  • is in Division II in elementary school (although we may consider students in grade 3)
  • has the skills to meet the outcomes of the curriculum at or near their grade level as set out by the Alberta Programs of Study 
  • displays chronic, extreme and pervasive behaviors which require close and constant adult supervision, high levels of structure and other intensive support services in order to function in an educational setting
  • has severe behaviors that significantly interfere with both the learning and safety of the student and others


Please note that System Program placements are determined through a criteria-based process through our EIPS Central Office. For more information on this placement process, please contact Supports for Students (780-417-8265).