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Welcome to Mills Haven Elementary!


Mills Haven Elementary School opened in September of 1971, and has 469 students enrolled in classes from Kindergarten to Grade 6. In addition to the regular program, Mills Haven has a German Language and Culture program in which students study German during part of their class time.


Jon Elzinga


Janice Sundar, Assistant Principal


A Great Place to Be


Mills Haven Elementary School, through the collaboration of staff, parents, guardians, and students, provides a safe and positive learning environment for diverse students as they grow academically, emotionally, and socially.


Children learn best when they:

  • feel safe, heard, and cared for  
  • experience routines, but are confident to experiment with appropriate risk-taking
  • are engaged, mindful problem solvers and critical thinkers
  • work in a collaborative environment where all opinions are considered
  • cooperate and respect each other
  • understand expectations
  • find meaning and worth in the work they do
  • understand the importance of people working towards the common good of the school and community
  • consider themselves lifelong learners, while developing new learning strategies and techniques that best suit their individual needs
  • who know how they learn best while having a variety of different learning experiences
  • have goals, aspirations and an awareness that perseverance can help them achieve

Programs and Services

German Language and Culture Program

Social Emotional and Academic Success program (SEAS)

Mills Haven School Education Plan

The Mills Haven School Education Plan is now ready for your perusal.  Take a look and see what our goals are for the next three years which will help improve out students' learning.

Welcome to Mills Haven

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