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Student/Parent/teacher Interview 2019

Parent Teacher/Student Interview Bookings

This year our interviews will be on Wednesday October 16th and Thursday October 17th from 4:30-7:30. Time slots are only booked on-line at
Procedure for bookings is as follows:
Mrs. Romanowska and grades 1-6: please use code: ptsmh
Mrs. Holm’s students: please use code: mhvnk
You will then enter your name, email and children’s names
Pick the child’s teacher name
Then you will pick the time slot that suits your family best
When all the information has been added, you will receive a confirmation of your booking.
Please note that:
1. Babysitting is NOT provided for either night
2. Kindergarten German language and cultural students have an opportunity to meet with Frau Jampen, in a 5-minute slot. Please use the teacher Pia Jampen(GLC) not Pia Jampen(1J).
3. Mrs. Romanowska is only here on Wednesday October 16th
4. Interview bookings close Tuesday October 15th at 3:00

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