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Picking up School Supplies

It is important that all families retrieve their belongings.

In order to minimize risk of infection, we are only permitting small groups, at scheduled
intervals, to retrieve belongings. All families wishing to retrieve their belongings must sign up
for a scheduled time slot, the same as if you were booking a parent/teacher interview. Go to and use code 8ns3s. Each family is permitted to book one time slot
regardless of how many children they have.

Upon arrival, go to the east side of the gym building. A staff member will greet you at the gym
door and will retrieve your child's belongings. We ask that no parents, caregivers, or children
enter the gym. We ask that you bring the classroom reading books, kindergarten LLI kits and library
books back as well. Please have only one family member come to school to retrieve the items. Any
unidentifiable items will be placed on the lost and found tables outside the gym doors. We ask - to
ensure the efficiency and safety of our staff - that once all your belongings have been retrieved,
you exit the school grounds.

If you are unable to be on site during the scheduled times or plan to have another person
collecting your child's items, please email a confirmation to


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